How To Paint Metal Buildings

how to paint metal buildings

If you’re wondering how to paint metal buildings, you’re not alone since it’s a little different from painting other building types. While it’s a bit of work to get started in the end, the painting will improve your building’s longevity and durability. Do you need to Paint? If your building is new, you shouldn’t have…

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What are the Options for Metal Building Insulation?

metal building insulation

Metal building insulation can be a crucial addition in some climates, especially for residential buildings like barndominiums. The conductivity of metal along with the chance of condensation forming in humid regions can make insulation a must-have. Thankfully there are a variety of insulation options available for both steel framed buildings or Quonset metal buildings. We’ll…

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The Different Types of Metal Buildings

doors for steel buildings

Once you’ve decided on a metal building for your next project, it’s time to choose from the different types of metal buildings available. The type of building chosen is not only an aesthetic choice, but will also affect the cost, function and engineering requirements. While some believe that steel buildings only come in one shape…

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Wood Pole Barns vs Steel Barns

large agricultural arena building

Since way back in the 1930s, wood pole barns have been widely celebrated. However, in today’s times with the evolution of technology, steel barns have risen to the fore-front. Let’s consider the pros and cons of wood pole barns vs steel or metal pole barns and highlight key advantages. Structural Integrity In construction, precision is…

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What is a Quonset Hut?

quonset huts

Quonset huts are semicircular steel buildings that are famous for their strength, durability and versatility. Made of self-supporting arches that are drilled and precut at the site of manufacture, all the constructer has to do is assemble everything on the site. These steel buildings are tough, affordable, and easy to build, making them a primary…

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Metal Building Kit Prices and Things You Should Know

18x20 metal building garage

Metal building kits are an incredible option for your building project. They’ve revolutionized the building industry for uses such as: Garages – Any size you need and added storage if you choose Workshops – Everything from small hobby shops to commercial production Storage Sheds and Warehouse Facilities Industrial uses like Factories Agricultural buildings such as…

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