Are Steel Buildings Cheaper than Wood?

are steel buildings cheaper than wood

Our team is constantly inundated with this question of whether steel buildings are cheaper than wooden buildings. It’s a great question, but as with most things is a little more complicated than it might initially seem. While the initial cost of a steel building is generally higher than that of wood due to the cost…

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Wood Pole Barns vs Steel Barns

large agricultural arena building

Since way back in the 1930s, wood pole barns have been widely celebrated. However, in today’s times with the evolution of technology, steel barns have risen to the fore-front. Let’s consider the pros and cons of wood pole barns vs steel or metal pole barns and highlight key advantages. Structural Integrity In construction, precision is…

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Why Steel Buildings are a Green Building Method

quonset huts

When you think of green building methods, steel buildings are likely not the first thing that comes to mind. It’s main material, steel, needs to be mined and then forged and turned into various shapes before it is used in construction. But believe it or not, it’s a surprisingly green building option. Thanks to new…

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