Steel Frame Buildings

Steel Frame Buildings (straight wall buildings) blend seamlessly into traditional architecture with straight vertical walls and a traditional peaked or sloped roof.

They utilize a durable rigid steel frame which is then covered with steel sheeting, or siding. Their ability to be easily customized makes them a popular choice for residential garages, workshops and storage, as well as larger commercial buildings such as warehouses, arenas and even offices.

Incredible Versatility

Steel Frame Buildings are engineered and pre-cut at the factory. This allows for an array of configurations and virtually any usage. Some sample sizes (in feet) and popular uses are:

  • 1 Car Garages (12 x 20 x 12)
  • 2 Car Garages (24 x 24 x 11)
  • Workshops (24 x 30 x 14)
  • Small Storage (20 x 20 x 11)
  • Barns (40 x 60 x 20)
  • Warehouses (50 x 100 x 20)

Pre-Made and Engineered

One of the benefits of steel buildings is that they are engineered and pre-cut at the factory. This means when it arrives on your build site, most components are ready to be bolted together with minimal headaches. The fact that an engineer can design and provide plans for your location, makes for a simpler process getting building permits.


Steel Frame Buildings minimize costs with the efficiency of factory production. There's almost no material waste compared to traditional construction, less labor costs, and the steel requires virtually no maintenance costs.

Price a Steel Building for Your Needs

Steel buildings are designed & priced based on customizations & local building codes. Please enter your needs for a free no-obligation quote from a network of top building factories & suppliers.

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