Your dream home could be a barndominium!

These metal framed buildings provide a strong, affordable, customized structure to house whatever you or your family need.

Factory manufactured to your specifications, the strong steel beams of these structures mean that few if any load-bearing internal walls are needed. This makes them ideal for open-concept living, or a custom layout that feels like home.

Manufactured for Your Size

A steel barndominium is designed and priced based on the size you need. Don’t squeeze yourself into a one-size-fits-all. Get the exact dimensions needed for your home.

Factory Made

Since these barns are factory made and shipped to your site for assembly, you have less mess onsite and less down-days for fabrication.


Factory manufactured doesn’t mean an uncustomized building. You can choose from multiple rooflines, colors, accessories, and more. A helpful building representative will answer questions and help you design your dream home.

Cost Savings

Barndominiums can be insulated for high energy efficiency. They also typically receive lower insurance rates due to their durability and resistance to fire, storms, and pests. You also save on assembly thanks to the components being prepared at the factory. Finally, you get a building that is designed to last generations, saving you money on long-term maintenance and replacement.

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Steel buildings are designed & priced based on customizations & local building codes. Please enter your needs for a free no-obligation quote from a network of top building factories & suppliers.

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Benefits of Metal Barndominium Structures

For any low-rise construction project, pre-engineered metal buildings are quite economical. During each phase of the construction process, you have money and cut costs when you use these buildings. Over the life cycle of the steel building, you also save money. Here are some of the many benefits of steel buildings, such as metal pole barns.

Energy Savings with Insulation

steel building insulation Many steel buildings such as garages, warehouses, storage, and agriculture buildings made from steel don’t require air conditioning or heating if the climate is quite mild. You save money on energy. If you live in an area where climate control is required, steel buildings save you even more money as steel buildings don’t require the insulation that other structures do.

The wall cavities of steel buildings allow you to use thicker insulation, which is more energy-efficient. You could slash your heating bill by up to 50% when using insulation for your steel buildings. In the summer, you can slash energy expenditures by using cool-coated roofing panels. In hot climates, you could reduce energy expenditure by another 7-15%. Don’t use these panels in areas where there is a harsh winter, but they work well in warmer climates for your steel buildings.

Fewer Problems with the Foundation

steel building foundation You require fewer framing pieces when you use steel when compared to wood. You, therefore, have less weight on the foundation. You will have less settling and fewer expensive repairs to the foundation when you use a steel building.

Remodeling is Less Expensive

If you need to do any sort of remodeling later, then a pre-engineered steel building is much easier to work with. You simply order more frames that match your original structure and enlarge at the end walls. You can add more space on the sidewalls by adding another steel structure that will adjoin the original one.

Your Insurance Rates Are Often Reduced

Steel buildings are quite durable. They resist earthquakes, high winds, termites, heavy rains, snow, pests, mold, and fire better when you compare against other building materials. Insurance companies will reduce your rates if they know you’re using steel buildings for your construction project.

Better Value

When you have a steel building, your structure will retain its value over time when compared with a wooden building. You will have less maintenance over time and fewer issues with a steel structure. Many roof panels and steel wall panels have 30-year warranties. You’ll be set for the future with a steel building.

Make Money

When the building has finished its purpose, you can take it down and sell the steel. The steel can be recycled and doesn’t lose its original properties or strength. This material can then be re-sold to recyclers, putting some extra money in your pocket.

Less Maintenance Required

cute white barndominium You require less maintenance with steel buildings. The outside doesn’t need a lot of work. If you use a wood exterior, for example, you must paint it every few years. You don’t have to do this with a steel building. You also don’t need to worry about pests, such as termites. Each year around $5 billion is spent in America for termite control. Steel is both rodent and termite resistant. There is no need to treat the building with chemicals like you do with wood. You won’t need expensive repairs as you do with a wood structure. Most insurance companies will not cover termite damage, so you could save a lot of money with a wood structure.

When you get wood mold, it’s expensive and a lot of work. Steel doesn’t support fungi, mildew, or mold growth. The steel won’t warp, rot, twist, split, or creep as wood structures do. The nails of a wood building will loosen over time, and the structure weakens. If you have sheetrock, this will crack over time. Overhead door openings and roof ridges sag eventually. Wooden doors and windows may also not close properly after time as the wooden structure weakens. Steel buildings go up easy and require little maintenance once the building is up. You will have a building that will last decades with little maintenance.

Additional Benefits

Metal pole barns offer significant benefits when compared to traditional wood pole barns. Those benefits include but are not limited to:

  1. Factory manufactured - Your building is precision cut and drilled off-site in a factory controlled environment. This helps to ensure accuracy and saves you a ton of time.
  2. Simple assembly - Since buildings come with detailed plans and components are pre-cut and drilled at the factory, most of the assembly process is a matter of bolts and nuts. For the ultimate DIY building, check out steel quonset barn kits.
  3. Durability - When you get a 100% metal pole barn building, not only is it built of one of the most durable building materials made by man, steel, you are also getting something which has been engineered for local building codes.
  4. Less Pests - Mice, Rats and Termites are common concerns with a barn. Wood pole barns can rot and be eaten away leaving gaps for rodents & bugs to enter through. Steel wall panels overlap and are impervious to pests.
  5. Lower Maintenance Costs - It's important to consider not only the initial cost of a building kit, but also ongoing future costs. Thanks to the endurance of steel, metal buildings have significantly lower long-term maintenance costs than wood buildings do. They also often have lower insurance rates.

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