Steel Buildings

Steel buildings are prefabricated structures that are engineered and customized for your needs. They come in many configurations ranging from 16 feet to hundreds of feet wide and long.

We offer two primary types of steel buildings to fit your needs. They include:

Quonset Huts - An arch-style steel building that was once popular for military or agricultural use. It is now used for everything from single car garages to industrial warehouses. They feature simple bolt-together construction and durable steel arches.

Steel Framed Buildings - This type of building has a much more classic look with straight sidewalls and a peaked roof. Unlike quonsets which have no interior framing, these buildings have a load-bearing interior frame made of steel. The outside is then covered in steel sheeting that is a color of your choice.

Steel Buildings Do-It-All

Regardless of whether you're interested in a Quonset or a straight-wall building, you can customize the structure for your needs. This includes dimensions, colors, windows, doors and more. Popular sizes include:

  • Single Steel Garages - 18x20
  • Double Steel Garages - 24x24
  • Steel Shops - 24x30
  • Personal Storage - 20x20
  • Steel Barns - 40x60
  • Warehousing - 50x100

Prefab & Engineered

When you purchase a steel building, sophisticated software will be used to determine the engineering requirements for your structure. Local building codes are taken into consideration to ensure it can handle the appropriate loads. Once determined, the factory will get to work cutting and drilling each piece. It's then dropped off at your job site (be sure to ask about delivery) for simple assembly.


Steel buildings are an affordable construction solution that can be customized as much or as little as necessary to fit your budget. While sometimes slightly more expensive up-front, they're known for being cost-effective long term thanks to their longevity, low maintenance, an easy construction that generally saves a huge amount on labor.

Price a Steel Building for Your Needs

These buildings are engineered based on local building codes and priced for your specific needs. Please provide your needs below for free pricing from a network of top steel building providers.