How Much Do Steel Buildings Cost?

A steel buildings cost is dependent on both your requirements and engineering factors. Because of this, the best thing to do if you want to know the cost of a steel building you have in mind is to request a free cost estimate here. If you’re looking for ballpark pricing, we’ll elaborate on that below.

steel buildings cost

Budgeting for Steel Building Costs

When budgeting for steel buildings, it’s important to factor in your cost for today, as well as the medium and long-term costs that might arise.

Base Steel Building Cost

Let’s cut to the chase. The general estimated upfront cost is between $10 – $50 per square foot, for your steel building kit. This cost would include a prefabricated kit and installation materials. Below we’ll look at costs based on building type since the range above is a bit broad.

Assembly Cost

While you can easily install the building yourself, for convenience, the cost to have someone professional assemble and install the metal building for you, would run at an additional $10 – $20 per square foot.

Naturally, this is just to get the building habitable. Additional requirements such as foundation or flooring is outside of this cost. Be also mindful that based on where you are placing this metal building the need for insulation and softer touches like painting and decor.

When looking at the cost of various steel buildings, it is important that you note the specifics of the structure in mind, as compared to others. A simple consideration is whether the building is an arch style or straight wall building? What is the purpose of the building as that effects the gauge for building codes and so on.

Cost by Building Type

Arch Style – Quonset

Quonset workshop garage Arch-style quonset buildings are primarily used as Garages, Tool Sheds and even Storage. Looking at it broadly, this type of basic structure may average around $1,500 to $15,000 for a small or even a medium kit. This does not take into consideration what foundation or base is being used.

In some modern spaces, the arch-style Quonset buildings are even used as contemporary homes and offices. These medium to larger building kits can run around $35,000 and more of course based on the custom touches, sizes and finishes of each client.

Straight Wall – Rigid

large agricultural arena building Straight wall steel buildings tend to be a bit more flexible and also a bit better suited for a commercial property set-up. They can also fit as industrial buildings and can be used for various work applications. These types of structures have a steel skeleton frame, while the walls and roof are flat steel panels. The price on these Straight Wall buildings will be variable and you will need a quote from your vendor. For example, the height of the building, is it a single story? How high (floor – roof) is the building? Is it multi-story?

The height will have a price impact and this will need to be taken into your budget along with the price per square foot.


As you calculate your pricing – you must also be mindful of the following:

  • Foundation – $5 – $10 / sq ft
  • Delivery Cost – 5 – 10%
  • Construction – $10 – $50
  • Finishes – 20% – 30% (Windows/doors – How Many? – etc)

Keeping in mind that these costs are just estimates.

Tube-style buildings are the least expensive options but be minded that they have limited use. Tube structures are also used in carports. The tube frame prices fall in the range of about $5,000 – $24,000 all dependent on the requested size.

financing for steel buildingsI-Beam structures can be used widely, and are the most durable. They can also be personalized for your specific building needs. The buildings here can go from dimensions of 20ft x 20ft with an estimated starting price of about $9,000.

The C-Channel. This is great for storage or even garage buildings. The structure can vary in size as compared to the I-Beam. Budgetary prices start from about $7,900.

Again, be reminded that the height must be taken into consideration. The bigger the structure as well, the overall square foot cost tends to reduce.

If you’re looking to get a price for your building, the best option is to request a free no-obligation quote here.