Romney Huts

Romney Huts

Romney Huts, also referred to as Romney Sheds are another type of prefab arch steel building. They were developed by the British Military during WWII to provide an affordable, easy to assemble shelter solution. Romney Huts were designed to hold up to high wind and snow loads which is something its predecessor the Iris Hut and Nissen Hut had difficulty with.

It's extremely uncommon to find Romney Huts being constructed these days unless it's for historical purposes. This is particularly true in the united states where they've been overshadowed by the Quonsets . Quonset Huts were designed by the US Navy and offer similar functionality but an even easier installation given that there is no interior frame. You can price a quonset building below.

Steel Hut Building Sizes

The quick assembly and portability of Romney Huts made them a cost-effective military shelter. Their rigid framing left the interior column-free. This made them ideal where larger spans were required either for equipment storage or airplane hangars. Today Quonsets fulfill these needs as well and some common sizes and uses are:

  • One Car Garage 12 Wide by 20 Long by 11 High
  • Two Car Garage or Workshop 24 Wide by 24 Long by 11 High
  • Airplane Hangars & Equipment Storage 40 Wide by 30 Long by 14 High

Modular Construction

Romney Huts are constructed in two phases. First, a rigid interior frame is constructed using steel tubes that are clamped together. Then the frame was covered in slightly corrugated steel sheeting and end walls were erected. Part of the reason Quonsets have become more popular is that they require no framing. Instead, corrugated arches provide rigidity and make for simpler assembly.

quonset hut kit construction


Even though the technology of Romney Huts has advanced, Quonsets still provide a very affordable building solution.

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Romney Huts FAQ

Romney Hut Building

When were Romney Huts designed?

Romney Huts were originally introduced during World War II in 1941.

How are Romney Huts Constructed?

These buildings feature an interior frame which is comprised of steel tubing that is clamped together. They are then coated in steel panels which are slightly corrugated for strength. The end walls offered some freedom and could be either built using the same steel tube framing with steel sheeting or framed in using timber and finished however the owner would like.

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Quonset Building Profiles

One of the benefits of modern Quonsets is that they can come in a variety of different profiles. This makes it easier to achieve a more standard building appearance with straight walls and a peaked roof. Or, you can go with a semi-circular design as you see in Romney Huts.

A / P Model

a and p model buildings

Q Model

q model quonset

X Model

x model

S Model

S Model

R Model

R Model

T Model

T Model

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