Steel Buildings New Mexico

Steel buildings in New Mexico have been quite popular for years. They continue to be an ideal solution for many applications, both commercial and residential. Both Arch style Quonset huts and traditional straight wall steel buildings are in use throughout the state.

In a hot arid climate like NM, you often need to control the building’s temperature to make it useable year-round and at all times of the day. Thankfully, you can get factory-ordered insulation packages to help keep the heat down mid-day, or to contain the benefits of air conditioning.

Another great energy-saving feature of steel buildings is that most factories will allow you to choose the colors of your roof, wall, and trim panels. By selecting a white roof you can reflect the sun’s rays and significantly decrease the internal temperature of your building. This isn’t possible with many traditional building methods which use darker color roofing materials like shingles, flat tar roofing or clay tile roofs.

Types of New Mexico Steel Buildings

Quonset garage Arch Quonset Buildings

  • Lengths 10' to unlimited
  • Bolt-together construction

These buildings kind of look like a corrugated steel culvert which has been cut in half. They come in a variety of different profiles and are renowned for their ease of assembly. If you can lift about 50 pounds and use a socket wrench, then you can likely assembly a Quonset hut in New Mexico.

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straight wall steel building Straight Wall

  • Widths 20' to 150'+
  • Lengths 20' to 150'+
  • Internal steel framing

These buildings offer a wider array of color options and are your best bet if you want to go for a white roof to ensure optimal energy efficiency. Buildings are custom sized and accessorized for your needs. You can add windows, doors, skylights, vents and much more.

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Get Free Building Quotes from Local Providers

Steel buildings are engineered and priced individually for Texas building codes. Get free pricing on your building from a network of steel building factories and providers:

Want to Build it Yourself?

An arch style quonset steel building may be the solution for you! These building kits come pre-cut, bent and drilled at the factory. Putting together your building is as simple as bolting the panels together with a wrench.

quonset hut kit construction

Why Choose a Building Kit?

Steel buildings, due to changing needs, offer first-rate, cost-effective solutions for any business or residential owner that needs to add some additional storage or functional space. It is rare that there is only one purpose for a structure like this, so flexibility is vital. These buildings are engineered and designed to meet your needs, but they also provide the adaptability that you may need in the future. Find out how steel construction can help you meet your needs cost-effectively without giving up building quality.

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straight wall steel building

Price a Steel Building for Your Needs

New Mexico Building Resources

Resources to help you determine the right building for your needs:

Termite Risk Areas - With termites being an issue for much of New Mexico, it's important to ensure your buildings are protected. Thankfully steel buildings have natural termite protection.

New Mexico Building Codes - Most steel building kits are engineered to meet local building codes and help you get permit approval. Be sure to ask your building representative about this.

Sample Steel Building Costs

Most steel buildings are individually engineered for your local building codes and require individual pricing. Here are some sample prices however to help you determine if a building is within your price-range.

"I bought a building for $6,300 and have a contract to show the building to prospective buyers in the future. I will receive compensation if they buy a building from the company."

Arch building for a Manufacturer in Fountain Florida

$17,300 for a 40' x 60' building. Two 12x12 doors, with 3" of insulation on walls and roof."

Straight Wall Building in North Carolina

"I paid $21,000 for a 50' X 100' steel building with a door opening 14' X 16'."

Straight Wall Building on a Farm in Georgia

"Approx $7,000 - RV/trailer garage."

Arch Building Construction Contractor
Brighton, CO

"Complete kit with blue prints - $7,800. 30' x 40' Quonset hut."

Quonset Hut for a Farm in New Mexico

"$7,550 for 30' x 40' building, 10' x 11' opening on one end."

Arch steel building for a Manufacturer in South Carolina

Price a Steel Building for Your Needs