Quonset Workshops

Quonset workshops are a great building choice for do-it-yourselfers. Their bolt-together assembly allows you to build your own workshop. There are few things more gratifying than that, but best of all, you save!

Another nice feature of Quonset workshop steel buildings is their ability to be easily insulated using an insulation kit. They can also be fitted with accessories to fit your needs be it vents to remove fumes, or skylights for better lighting.

A Workshop with Space

When you request a quote on the right, you can specify any size you’d like. Quonset hut workshops are prefabricated and custom manufactured based on your requirements. Common sizes are:
  • Small Workshop: 12 x 16 x 11
  • Medium Workshop: 20 x 20 x 11
  • Garage & Shop: 30 x 24 x 11

Made for DIYers

Quonset workshops are pre-cut and drilled at the factory. When they arrive on site you assemble the arches by bolting a couple panels together. Then you bolt the arches together for a strong structure.
quonset hut kit construction

Tough Like You

Let’s face it, not all buildings are meant to be workshops. Steel Quonset huts offer incredible durability and a wipe-clean steel surface. There’s also easy insulation if you live in cold-climates.

Get Free Quonset Workshop Quotes from Local Providers

A few details are required to price your Quonset workshop steel buildings since each building is manufactured & engineered individually. Get a Free no-obligation quote from a network of factories & building suppliers.

Quonset Workshop Profiles

Unlike quonsets of the past, you can now get these bolt-together workshop buildings in a variety of different roof profiles. Each profile has it’s own strengths and weaknesses from style to ability to withstand high snow loads.

A / P Profile

a and p model buildings
This is the most traditional looking style of workshop with straight walls and peaked roof, just like most stick-buildings.

Q Profile

q model buildings
A Q model is what most think of when someone mentions a ‘quonset’. While not a perfect semi-circle, it resembles a corrugated pipe that’s cut in half.

X Profile

x model buildings
If you’re looking for the strongest workshop possible, then an X model will be your best bet. This style of building resembles Darth Vader’s helmut (strange comparison, we know, but most people get it). It provides a great middle ground of style and strength.

S Profile

s model buildings
This is our top pick for a steel quonset workshop. It gives the beautiful traditional look of an arched roof, but you also get straight side walls for maximum useable storage space.

R Model

r model buildings
If you live in a warm climate, maybe all you need is a roof over your head to block out rain and get work done. In that case an R-style may be suitable for your needs. It features open side walls and an arch-style roof.

T Model

model t buildings
A T-model features an arched roof and sidewall, supported by steel beams or another structure on one side.
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