Quonset Sheds

Quonset sheds are custom-sized at the factory for your storage needs. Whether you're looking for a steel shed to store garden tools, or a 50-foot boat, the factory can customize quonsets to fit whatever space requirements you desire.

These unique buildings come in a variety of colors so be sure to ask your building representative what is available. They can also be fitted with accessories such as vents to keep the building cool, or skylights to let in natural light. Request a quote today and price your Quonset shed.

Quonsets Store Anything

Since Quonset sheds are manufactured based on your size requirements, you can store as little or as much as you want. Common shed sizes are:

  • Garden Shed - 10' x 10' x 11'
  • Equipment Shed - 24' x 24' x 11'
  • Agricultural Shed - 30' x 30' x 14'

DIY Construction

Traditional style shed kits can be confusing and hiring a contractor can cost as much as the materials. Quonset sheds offer simple DIY construction with pre-cut bolt-together panels.

quonset hut kit construction

Affordable Sheds

Quonset sheds are an affordable storage solution for many reasons. The initial building may seem slightly more than other options but the lifespan of these buildings is decades longer than a flimsy tin shed. You also save on labor and/or time due to the simple assembly.

Free Quonset Shed Pricing

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