Quonset Garages

Quonset garages offer the durability, protection and affordability you're looking for. Quonset steel buildings are custom sized for your intended use. Whether it's a two-car garage, single garage, rv garage, or garage with a workshop, a quonset hut garage can be customized for your needs.

Quonset garages can be accessorized with everything from insulation to vents and skylights. If you (or your significant other) aren't a fan of the steel look, then be sure to ask your building representative about color options. This style of steel building can come in a variety of colors and make a great addition to any property.

Size a Garage for Your Needs

Quonset garages are each uniquely factory-manufactured based on your size requirements. They come in widths of 10 feet and up with unlimited lengths. Some popular configurations are:

  • Single Garage: 20' x 20' x 11'
  • Double Garage: 25' x 30' x 11'
  • Garage Shop: 25' x 30' x 14'
  • Storage: 40' x 60' x 13'
  • RV Garage: 25' x 30' x 16'

Simple Construction

Garage kit panels are manufactured at the factory and come stacked for cheaper shipping. It's a bolt-together design. 3 amateur builders can typically assemble one in a weekend.

quonset hut kit construction

Affordable Garages

Quonset garages are an affordable option for three reasons. First, factory production keeps material costs down. Second, easy construction makes for lower building costs. Third, minimal maintenance means almost no surprise future expenses.

Quonset Garage Pricing

Quonset garage steel buildings are manufactured based on your requirements. Submit your details for a free no-obligation quote from a network of factories & building suppliers.

Quonset Garage Styles

Originally quonsets came exclusively in a semi-circular arch style (Q Model below). Over time they shifted from a bare-bones military focus to be used for residential purposes like garages, workshops, etc. That shift resulted in a wide variety of profiles which are available today. Aside from aesthetics, these profiles all have their own popular uses and benefits. The most popular styles are listed below along with a few details.

A Model (P Model)

a and p model buildings

This is the most popular style of building for residential quonset garages. Its straight walls and peaked roof most closely resemble traditional buildings so it blends seamlessly with existing buildings, like your home.

S Model

S Model

S Model quonset garages are the second most popular (after A models). Straight walls provide tons of side storage space and a traditional look. The arched roofline provides a high ceiling which is easier to make than the A model's so it's normally less expensive.

Q Model

q model quonset

While it's no longer the only model of quonset available, the Q Model is still a very popular option. This style of quonset is the easiest to manufacture so it's the least expensive for your garage. The sloping sides make it more suitable to larger commercial garages.

R Model

R Model

Want a simple carport, or do you want to build your own walls from bricks or another material to blend in with existing buildings? Then the R Model roofing system is your best option. Here the arch panels act as a roof to keep your cars safe and your costs down.

X Model

x model

The sloping walls of the X model quonset offers additional strength over a straight wall design. This makes it a popular option for two car garages, commercial garages, or garage workshop combos in higher snow-load areas.

T Model

T Model

If you're looking to add an attached garage onto an existing building, then the T Model is likely perfect for you. Arch panels form the one side while the other can butt up against an existing building like your home.

Why Quonsets Make Great DIY Garage Kits

The Quonset Hut is a structure that has been around for some time. The George A. Fuller Company invented the hut during World War II by the United States Navy. At Quonset Point in Rhode Island, is where it was first produced, and this is how it got its name. The design has been modified since then, and they now have more stability and have larger arch overlaps to stop leaking. There are also more profiles available now, so you have more options. They are great for garages, and you can get many different kits.

When you want to create a garage, barn, or other small storage building, the Quonset is an excellent option. These are a great investment. They are affordable, durable, and are easy to put up. They are hardy and will resist harsh weather conditions. They are perfect for garages and many other uses. They come in many different sizes


These kits are affordable and have low assembly costs when compared to other kits and building materials. they don’t require a lot of maintenance. You will need to follow local building codes prior to assembly, so you’re compliant. Compare your costs before you construct as another material may be better suited depending upon your local codes. You can also customize the kits to meet your requirements.


The kits are quite versatile, so they are suitable for more than just garages. They can be used for offices, storefronts, and other buildings, as well as garages or barns. The building gives you a canvas to create whatever you want. You can customize these structures to meet all your needs. They are perfect for grain storage, tractor, and other agricultural needs. You could use one for a warehouse to store items for your business.

Less Insurance

You don’t have to worry as much with insurance with a Quonset building. This is because the building is durable and can withstand harsher weather conditions. They withstand pests and mold as well other problems associated with other building materials. These structures don’t suffer from leaks and won’t change due to climate. They resist fire and, overall, save you money on insurance and other associated costs.


Steel is very durable, so you don’t have to worry about it as much as wood. The material is prefabricated, so it’s easy to work with once you get it to create your garage or other structure. You won’t require a lot of maintenance with a Quonset building. They don’t require a lot of energy to create, and they can be recycled once you have used them.

Plenty of Space

The huts have a lot of room for all your tools. You will also have space to get work done. You can insulate them, so they are available all year round.

Tips When Buying a Garage Kit

Have an idea of what you need before you buy a kit. You want to get a kit that is going to meet all your needs. It’s better to spend a little more to get what you want as you’ll save money in the long run. Have a look at the deals out there before you buy. These kits often go on sale and can be found for a lot less. Seasonal sales can help you save a lot of money on your kit.

Make sure you know all the building codes in your area. You must meet the code in the area where you live, and this may raise the costs of your structure. You should ensure that its worth it to put the Quonset structure up in your area. When you buy make sure you get the details in writing, so you know what you’re going to be receiving. Try to work with a credited manufacturer that has I.A.S certification. This ensures that the Quonset building you get is going to be built to high standards and you’ll get a structure that works for your needs.

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