Quonset Farm Buildings

Farm buildings need to be tough, affordable and low-maintenance. That’s exactly what these 100% steel quonset farm buildings are.

These pre-fabricated quonset huts kits offer simple bolt-together construction. They are ideal for a range of uses from hay storage to equipment shops, or more.

Customize your farm building by adding skylights, insulation, doors/windows, vents, & more.

Custom Sized

Your quonset barn or agricultural building is custom manufactured to fit your required size. Choose from:
  • Single Equipment Garage (ft): 12 x 20 x 11
  • Small Riding Arena or Barn (ft): 60 x 130 x 20
  • Large Riding Arena (ft): 100 x 200 x 24

Build it Yourself

These unique quonset farm buildings are pre-cut and drilled at the factory for simple bolt-together construction. This saves you time and money.
quonset hut kit construction

Incredible Value

Quonset farm buildings are durable 100% steel buildings which require virtually no maintenance. These buildings are an investment in your farm as you continue to save for years thanks to its long lifespan.

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Quonset Farm Building Models

Arch-Style Buildings come in a variety of styles. These unique buildings come as a series of metal panels which are bolted together into arches. In the past quonset farm buildings were virtually always a standard semi-circle shape. Now however there are many options. The six most common building profiles are below.

A / P Model

a and p model buildings
Common for smaller residential buildings like storage sheds and garages. It blends into traditional buildings thanks to a more-traditional peaked roof and straight sidewalls.

Q Model

q model buildings
The Q model is by far the most popular for farming applications. The pure-arch design is incredibly strong, it also utilizes less steel than other models making it the most economical option for most dimensions.

X Model

x model buildings
The X Model is the second most common building style for farming and agricultural purposes. The sloped of the sides makes them incredibly strong, yet it has a more traditional building appearance than the Q.

S Model

s model buildings
The S-Model is a beautiful building combining the style and functionality of the arch, with traditional looking straight-walls. It’s a great choice for store or workshops where high over-head heights can be required.

R Model

r model buildings
This model is actually a roofing system for pre-existing walls. It’s a perfect solution for storing grain, or items which require strong reinforced concrete sidewalls to hold them in.

T Model

model t buildings
T-Models are essentially lean-tos where one side and the roof of the building are arches. The other wall is framed by yourself, or can even be an existing building.
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