Quonset Barn Kits

Quonset barn kits offer durability and a long-lasting investment for your farm. From equipment storage to livestock barns, these versatile buildings can do it all. Quonset barns are customized for your needs. These steel building kits are factory manufactured to your specifications.

End walls can be ordered from the factory, or easily framed in by yourself since they're not load-bearing. Customize the your building by adding windows, vents, sunlights, insulation and many more options. Be sure to speak with a building expert to learn the best building solutions for your needs.

Quonset Barn Sizes

Quonset barns are factory manufactured to your size requirements. You can request any size starting from 10 ft by 10 ft up to 100 ft by 100 ft. For reference, some comparable sizes are:

  • Single Garage Size Storage: 12ft wide x 20ft long x 11ft tall
  • Small Riding Arena: 60ft wide x 130ft long x 20ft tall
  • Large Riding Arena: 100ft wide x 200ft long x 24ft tall

Easy Barn Construction

The bolt-together arch construction allows for DIY assembly without any special tools. End walls are also not load-bearing and easily customized. Contractors also love working on them.

quonset hut kit construction


Quonset barns aren't always the least expensive option, but it offers incredible value and an investment in your farm's future. Trust in the lasting durability of 100% steel and request a quonset barn price to find out how much you'll save.

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18x20 metal building garage

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