Commercial Quonset Huts

Commercial quonset hut buildings offer the versatility, reliability and affordability your business needs. There’s a quonset for your needs and budget regardless of whether you’re looking to expand an existing business or launching a startup or restaurant.

Most businesses require their buildings to be multi-functional. That can include office space, warehousing, manufacturing and more. Quonset hut kits provide a clear-span open space so that you can customize the interior for whatever needs may arise.

Made for Your Business

Since quonsets are made individually, you can custom size one for your specific business needs. Every business is different but below are some sample sizes for reference:
  • Restaurant / Storefront: 25 feet x 40 feet x 16 feet
  • Office Space: 60 feet x 80 feet x 22 feet
  • Large Warehouse Building: 100 feet x 200 feet x 24 feet

Low Construction Cost

Businesses always need to think about the bottom line. Commercial quonset hut buildings offer a low-cost solution thanks to being pre-cut at the factory. This DIY building method can be put together by a small amateur team, or it’s an easy job to a contractor to reduce your costs.
quonset hut kit construction

Long-Term Investment

You need a building that will last and not add to your businseses costs. Steel requires virtually no long-term maintenance and most quonset manufacturers offer a decades long warranty for your peace of mind.

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Commercial Quonset Hut Styles

After you determine the size of your building, you’ll need to decide on a style of quonset. Quonsets now come in a variety of profiles, not just the traditional semi-circle arch. Each type offers a slightly different look and offers its own benefits for your business.

A / P Style

a and p model buildings
This design of quonset is the most similar to traditional buildings if you want to blend-in a bit more. It features a peaked roof with a straight roofline and side-walls. Many manufacturers can provide pre-painted colors.

Q Style

q model buildings
If you want to stand out with a traditional quonset look for your commercial purposes, then the Q style is the way to go. It’s a semi-circular design with the lowest cost of all the quonset options.

X Style

x model buildings
Popular in higher snow and wind load areas, the X model offers the best of both worlds. You get a more traditional look with straight walls and a peaked roof, but also an incredibly strong building due to sloping walls.

S Style

s model buildings
The S Style is a very common one for business purposes. It offers a beautiful arch style roof with straight side walls. The sidewalls maximize interior space for whatever your needs may be.

R Style

r model buildings
Want to blend traditional styling with a stand-out modern roof? The R style is essentially a roofing system which allows you to construct walls of another material like wood, brick or concrete, and place the arch style steel roof on top.

T Style

model t buildings
If you’re looking to put an addition on an existing building then the T Style is for you. This model uses an existing wall or structure for support. It’s ideal for additional storage space or perhaps a workshop on an existing warehouse.
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