Quonset Hut Kits

Quonset hut kits are customizable arch-style steel buildings that provide a durable, affordable building solution for almost any need.

Invented for the US Navy during WWII, Quonset Huts are prized for their strength, easy assembly and low cost. Over time the design has evolved to include straight wall models along with the classic semi-circle. Updates to engineering have made them more durable and affordable than ever. They're now popular for:

  • Residential - garages, workshops, housing
  • Commercial - storage, manufacturing, warehousing
  • Agricultural - barns, crop storage, outbuildings & more

Any Use - Any Size

Quonset Hut kits are incredibly versatile since they provide a clear-span space to customize however you want. Popular sizes include:

  • Single Garage (20x20x11)
  • Double Garage (25x30x11)
  • Workshop (25x30x14)
  • Storage (25x30x11)
  • RV Garage (25x30x16)
  • Barns (40x60x20)

Simple Construction

Panels come pre-cut & stacked. All you need to do is bolt them together. A three-man crew can typically assemble a medium-sized building in a weekend.

quonset hut kit construction


Quonsets are one of the most affordable building solutions due to low assembly costs and virtually no maintenance costs. Each building must be gauged and priced individually for local building codes.

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Arch style steel quonsets are priced based on your needs & local codes. Let us know your requirements for a free no-obligation quote from a network of factories & building suppliers.

Popular Quonset Hut Kit Uses


two car quonset garage

From a small 1 car garage to a 2 car garage with room for extra toys, quonset hut garages are affordable and can be customized for your needs.


quonset building types

Tired of not having enough space for your tools or dust in the house? Quonset huts offer durable space to get work done. Plus you can get them insulated for use year round.

Storage Sheds

quonset sheds

We could all use a little more space whether it's for a lawnmower, bikes, tools or more. Custom size a Quonset for your storage needs. ps. they're expandable in the future.


quonset farm buildings

Quonset barns are suitable for everything from livestock barns to equipment storage. These durable steel buildings offer a lasting investment in your farm.


quonset restaurant

Growing your business is easier with space. The versatility of these buildings makes them ideal for storefronts, offices, restaurants & more.


quonset house

These buildings provide a blank-canvas to produce the home of your dreams. Big or small, you can customize one for your residential purposes.


large quonset workshops

Few professions require as much storage as farming. Quonsets are perfect for tractors, grain storage and more. As your farm grows you can add more arches to grow your building


quonset warehouse

Need space to store your commercial items? Quonsets offer 100% clear-span space. Affordability, durability, & steel being pest resistant, makes quonsets ideal warehouses.

Don't see your use? Quonsets are able to suit virtually any needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quonset Building Models/Styles

Arch Steel Buildings come in a variety of styles. All of them feature the same bolt-together arch design, but various different building profiles can help you get the style, or strength you need for your building. Be sure to ask your building specialist about the best model for your needs since each one has its own unique set of benefits. You can read a brief overview of the most popular styles below.

A / P Model

a and p model buildings

This is the most popular model for residential purposes like garages. It's straight walls with a peaked roof give it a traditional feel which blends in with existing buildings.

Q Model

q model quonset

Q model buildings feature a perfect arch and is what most people think of when they hear quonset. It's the most affordable model and also the strongest, taking full advantage of the strength of an arch building.

X Model

x model

An X Model building offers the best of both worlds. You get a more traditional look like the A Model, but you also gain strength from the sloped side-walls. Extra storage space from the sloped walls is a bonus.

S Model

S Model

The S Model features straight side walls with a classic arch building roof. It provides a significant amount of head-room for a workshop, storage, or garage. It's also typically more affordable than the A Model.

R Model

R Model

The R Model is essentially a multi-purpose roofing system. You create structurally supporting sidewalls and a clear-span arch is used for the roof. It can be ideal for stockpiling storage where concrete walls are needed to hold in grain or other content.

T Model

T Model

The T Model building features an arch which is supported by a structural wall on one side. You can use this as a lean-to style building on an existing structure.

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