Red Iron Buildings

Red Iron Buildings are types of steel buildings that use I-Beams for framing. The name 'red iron' originates from manufacturers applying a coat of red oxide to the beams in order to protect them during shipping.

When you construct a building with steel you have many advantages when compared to wood and other traditional materials. Metal resists weather and storms. It's not as expansive as wood, and it won't swell or shrink. You have fewer maintenance costs, and the building is resistant to fire damage. These buildings are the right choice for garages, workshops, commercial structures, and wherever you need a solid and dependable building.

Multi-Use Versatility

Red iron steel buildings can typically span expanses of 50 feet without interior columns being necessary. This gives optimal clear space for whatever your intended use is. These buildings are blank canvases to hold whatever you need them to.

  • Garage/Storage (20 x 20 x 12)
  • 2 Car Garages (24 x 24 x 11)
  • Workshops (24 x 30 x 14)
  • Small Storage (20 x 20 x 11)
  • Barns (40 x 60 x 20)
  • Warehouses (50 x 100 x 20)

Factory Manufactured

These buildings are engineered and customized for your specific needs. This includes the width, length and height as well as accessories like doors, vents and multiple floors. Given that they're engineered, you can have them designed for loads from local building codes, making permit approval as simple as possible.

Cost Savings

Using a Red Iron Building results in higher costs up-front than a wood structure when it comes to raw material. In the long run however you save both on the labor to install the building as well as maintenance for years to come. You will also likely save on insurance and other costs which should not be ignored.

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Red Iron Building Advantages

steel outbuilding with texas flag For outdoor structures, red iron buildings are a good choice. Another name for them is I-beams. The buildings are easy to put together, so you have less work when manufacturing the material. Red iron is affordable and strong when compared to other materials. it's perfect for both builders and suppliers. The material is strong and can handle a lot of weight. You will use fewer materials to finish your construction project. Contractors understand how to use it as it’s a popular choice for many outdoor buildings. There are many builders who use the materials, so it’s readily available.

Red Iron Building Disadvantages

You have higher installation costs with red iron steel buildings. You require a lot of manhours to put up the structure. This material isn't ideal for workshops, carports, or other single-use buildings. The material is ideal for industrial buildings or projects that have a large budget. It must be installed by a professional, and this raises the costs significantly.

Prefabricated Metal Building Advantages

straight wall steel building You have a flexible solution when you use prefabricated metal buildings. You get most of the benefits that red iron steel provided. Metal buildings are affordable, resilient, durable, and strong. They are perfect for end users builders and contractors that need a more viable solution. They are pre-made, so there is less maintenance, and the building can be designed to meet the needs of the end-user.

Construction times are reduced when you use steel buildings. This saves money and allows you to expand later in less time. You can get the materials from one provider in most cases, so you don't have to worry about multiple deliveries or other headaches. A prefabricated metal building also goes up easily and quickly. You won’t need a contractor and builder to put the building up. Most people with some DIY skills can put one of these buildings up in an afternoon.

There are no interior columns with these buildings. This gives you more flexibility. When you customize the building with windows and doors the full space can be maximized. There is no maximum size for these buildings. They can be used for warehouses, strip malls, manufacturing plants, or for a small carport. No matter what the need you have, a steel building can get the job done. They are easily expanded and are more energy-efficient. You have a better installation when compared to other buildings. This means you have lower energy bills with prefabricated buildings.

Prefabricated Metal Building Disadvantages

Red iron steel buildings There are not a lot of disadvantages to steel buildings. They may not work for all applications, but in general, they can serve almost any purpose you have for any sort of storage building or any other need that you have.  Steel can still corrode, so you may have some of these issues over time, but it’s usually minimal if you take care of your building.


Steel prefabricated buildings have an advantage over red iron buildings. Red iron tends to cost more and is more suited to large projects. Prefabricated buildings can be used by anyone and are more versatile for the average builder.

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