Metal Storage Building Kits

Looking for durable and long-lasting storage solutions? Metal storage buildings might be right for you.

Metal building kits are engineered can withstand harsh conditions & offer reliable protection for your belongings. Whether you need to store tools, vehicles, equipment, merchandise, or more, we're here to help you find a soluiton.

These buildings are customized to suit your specific needs. Don't settle for flimsy storage options – invest in a metal storage building that will stand the test of time.

Sized for Your Storage

These buildings come in everything from a 20-foot-wide shed to a 200-foot-wide warehouse. Just let us know what estimated size you require in the quote form.

  • Sheds - 18ft x 20ft x 12ft
  • Garage and Storage - 24ft x 30ft x 11ft
  • Small Warehouse - 50ft x 60ft x 14ft

Prefab Garage Kits

Each storage building is custom designed and manufactured for your needs. Pieces are cut and drilled to make for simpler assembly. It's then shipped to your site for assembly.


Metal building kits are designed with durability in mind, ensuring that your structure will last for years to come. Prefab construction also helps you save in the short-term by reducing labor costs. With little to no maintenance required, a storage building kit is a smart investment that will provide you with a reliable solution for decades to come.

Get Free Storage Building Estimates

Metal buildings are manufactured for your needs and local building code specifications. Request a 100% FREE quote from a network of metal building suppliers.