Metal Garage Kits

Are you searching for a durable, affordable, customizable solution to protect your valuable vehicles and equipment from harsh weather conditions? Look no further! Metal garage kits are the perfect answer.

Custom-sized, accessorized and engineered for your needs, these metal garages are built tough for whatever you require.

Choose from multiple trim and wall colors, doors and window options, vents, skylights, insulation and more.

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Custom Sized

The buildings are manufactured to your size and specifications. Common sizes for reference include:

  • Garage with Workshop - 25ft x 30ft x 14ft
  • Two Car Garage - 25ft x 30ft x 11ft
  • Garage with Mancave - 30ft x 40ft x 14ft

Pre-Fabricated & Delivered

With these metal building kits you get a design, engineering and fabrication team working behind the scenes. The buildings is manufactured in the factory to your specifications. Pieces are pre-cut and drilled then delivered to your site along with a manual for simple assembly.


These garages are designed to last and can be thought of as an investment in your property. Assembly is simpler than traditional stick construction which saves you time and money. The low-maintenance metal construction also looks great for decades and is resistant to fire, pests, rot and more. Metal garages can even help you save on insurance with many providers offering lower premiums on metal structures.

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Metal Garage FAQ

In this FAQ guide, we'll explore the ins and outs of metal garages, including the benefits of choosing metal garage buildings over traditional wood structures, customization options, and practical tips to help you find the correct metal garage kit for your specific needs.

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