Metal Buildings

Known for their strength, affordability and customizability, metal buildings offer a variety of options for your building project. There are two main types of metal buildings and those are:

Metal Framed Buildings - These are also be known as rigid frame or straight wall buildings. They use steel framing that is then clad in metal sheeting.

Metal Quonset Huts - Arch-style Quonset kits feature a semi-circular shape and very simple construction.

Both types of metal building kits can be customized to fit the needs of your project.


Whatever your project may be, we want to hear from you. These metal buildings can be customized to almost any specifications. These buildings are ideal for everything including...

  • Single Garages
  • Two Car Garages
  • Equipment Storage

Engineered & Factory Made

With factory engineers on hand, your building is designed to ensure it can meet local building codes. This makes permit approval as simple a process as possible and gives you peace of mind that your building can last for generations. Factory construction means the pieces are pre-cut and drilled before they get to your site for simple assembly and fewer headaches.

Metal Building Affordability

If you're concerned about the price of your building (as we all are) then a metal building is a great option. These structures are highly affordable. You save not only on the building itself, but from the ease of assembly, lower longer-term maintenance costs, lower insurance costs, and more.

Price a Metal Building for Your Needs

Metal buildings are individualy priced based on your sizing & local building codes. Please provide a few details below for free pricing from a network of top metal building suppliers.

How Much Do Metal Buildings Cost?

There are two main types of metal buildings, quonsets and straight wall or rigid frame. They're both engineered for local building codes and uses so prices vary both on load requirements and dimensions.

In general, the larger the building, the lower its cost per square foot due to economies of scale. Quonset buildings are often the most cost-effective option for buildings under 40 feet wide, while larger than that generally makes a rigid frame building the lower-cost option.

Price range between $5 and $20 per square foot. These days that can vary due to steel supply issues however. It's easy to get a free no-obligation building quote so we always recommend doing that if you're seriously considering a structure.

Color Options

You can choose the colors of your walls, roof, trim, doors and more. Each factory will have a slightly different color availability. Generally, color options will align with what's shown below:


What are some Metal Building Benefits?

Prefabricated metal buildings are ideal for any builder or constructor looking for flexible and cost-effective solutions. Opting for a pre-engineered approach to any construction renders the system quite efficient. When you use prefab metal buildings, you have an unstoppable combination of durability, efficiency, and strength at a tremendous cost.

It is always advisable to conduct a thorough assessment of your needs and compare them will the maintenance requirements of the building. Also, it's crucial to consider how your structural needs might change in the future. Here are several benefits of choosing a prefab metal buildings solution for your next project.

Versatility And Flexibility

Since prefab metal buildings don't have interior columns, they have a more flexible interior layout than traditional structures. Additionally, it comprises significant overhead, sliding, or rolling doors, which provide uninterrupted interior space.

A pre-engineered metal building has no maximum size when it comes to sizes. As a result, it can accommodate anything, including an office, a warehouse, or retail space. It has continuous length and width extension options to make it easy for necessary future expansion.


The process of prefab metal buildings construction has no delays, unlike the construction of traditional structures. There is no likelihood that the pre-engineered metal building will incur additional costs. Even though the initial cost of a wood building is low, you will spend more over time due to frequent repairs and extra efforts that will be needed to keep the wood building standing in good condition.

On the contrary, prefab metal buildings will remain the way it was erected for more than 50 years with minimal maintenance.

Over the entire lifespan of a metal building, you will have substantial savings since it doesn't require much maintenance after all wood rots and warps over time, presenting huge problems and compromising the structure's integrity.

Reliable And Durable

Prefabricated steel buildings can last for several decades while remaining useful throughout their whole life. Metal buildings can withstand earthquakes, high winds any other event that would destroy a wood building. Pets and termites are no match for prefab metal buildings, thus preventing them from rotting or cracking.

Energy Efficient

Prefab metal building tends to have better insulation compared to traditional structures. The enhanced energy efficiency can play a significant role in reducing the cooling and heating bills.

Quick And Easy to Assemble

Unlike constructing a traditional structure that might require several months to complete, assembling and erecting a prefab metal building is quite simple and quick. If you are going to assemble it yourself, each building is accompanied by a step-by-step erection guide, anchor bolt pattern, and detailed assembly drawings. All components are numbered and precut to align with assembly drawings and quick assembling.

Suppose you don't have the workforce or knowledge to undertake the DIY approach. You can consider looking for a reliable service provider that provides complete service metal building construction coupled with delivery and design.

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