Metal Building Components

Accessorize your building with a variety of different components.


To ensure a durable steel building for years to come, you need to start off with a good foundation. Learn the most common types of foundations and some alternative solutions.


There are many insulation options for steel buildings. All have their own pros and cons. Here is a list of the most popular available options.


Doors are crucial to your building's style and function. From man doors to bi-fold overhead doors, we look at the various options that are available.


When deciding on the right windows for your building, there are many decisions to be made. First, which type of windows do you want to install. Second, the location of these windows as that will affect the lighting of the space and can impact the energy efficiency and air-flow needs as well.


It's particularly important to ensure that there is adequate ventilation and air-flow throughout your metal building. This helps keep the building cool in summer but there are other reasons for vents as well which we'll discuss below before going over the types of vents available.