Kwanzaa Hut

(a.k.a. Quonset Hut)

Kwanzaa Huts, or Kwanza Hut is actually a common mis-spelling of 'Quonset Huts'. Don't worry though, you're not alone and over 2,000 Americans a month search for Kwanzaa Hut or Kwanza Huts.

These buildings are very distinct with a semi-circular corrugated design made entirely of steel. They were originally designed by the US Navy in WWII and prized for their durability. Since then however, there affordability and strength has made them a popular building for both residential garages and workshops as well as commercial and agricultural purposes.

Versatile, Multi-Function Buildings

These steel hut buildings began their life in military service but have since become even more popular for residential, commercial and agricultural purposes. Some common uses and sizes include:

  • 1 Car Garage (12'x20'x11')
  • 2 Car Garage (24'x24'x11')
  • Shop & Storage (24'x30'x14')
  • Medium Shed (20x20x11)
  • Boat Garage (18x24x16)
  • Steel Barn (40x60x20)

DIY Construction

These steel hut buildings are easy to assemble and a great choice for DIY construction. Panels come pre-drilled and cut straight from the factory, making it easy to bolt & erect.

quonset hut kit construction

Budget Friendly

Quonsets can be an affordable solution, particularly when you factor in that there are almost no maintenance costs. Each one is priced individually so request a quote to find pricing for your needs, or visit the bottom of the page to see sample prices.

Price a Kwanzaa (Quonset) Hut

Arch style steel quonsets are priced based on your needs & location.
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Quonset Hut Profiles

Quonset hut buildings come in a variety of different profiles. You're most likely picturing Quonsets in their icon semi-circular form, but they come in a variety of styles. Whether you're in need of a more traditional straight-walled building or a building made for heavy snow loads, there's a style below to fit your needs.

S Model

S Model

X Model

x model

Q Model

q model quonset

A / P Model

a and p model buildings

T Model

T Model

R Model

R Model

Price a Hut for Your Needs

"We ended up paying $9,749 for a 45' x 50' x 17' steel arch Quonset building with 22 gauge deep ribbed galvalume steel."

Tempe, AZ

"We purchased a 30' x 40' P-Model Quonset style building. 1,200 square feet, for $13,000. Due to weather during the year, we opted for insulation to protect our equipment in winter seasons. "

Motorcycle shop
Smicksburg, PA

"Approx $7,000 - RV/trailer garage."

Construction Contractor
Brighton, CO

"$7,550 for 30' x 40' building, 10' x 11' opening on one end."

Waterloo, SC

Price a Building for Your Needs