Bucket Trucks for Building Assembly and Aerial Work

bucket trucks arial lifts

Buildings often require components to be bolted together. While easy with the right equipment, this can be difficult if the building is very high or you don’t have scaffolding. That’s when tools like bucket trucks and aerial lifts come into play. Bucket trucks are widely known and used in the construction industry. This is because…

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What Type of Steel is Used in Steel Buildings?

types of steel used in buildings

Wondering what type of steel is used in steel buildings? Well… Steel buildings can be built using various types of steel. While quite often quonset arch panels and steel cladding on straight wall buildings will be made of GalvalumeTM, there are other options and can be different types of steel for different purposes. We’ll review…

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Paint for Metal Buildings: Follow these Steps

paint for metal buildings

Is there Paint for Metal Buildings? Painting a metal building is quite different from painting a building of vinyl, wood, or cement. Metal buildings often come pre-painted from the factory. You can choose trim, walls, and roof colors. They are designed to be maintenance-free, but over time it can wear, or you might choose to…

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Metal Buildings Vs. Wood Buildings: Which One Do We Go For?

metal buildings vs wood buildings

Wood and metal are among the most common construction materials. When considering metal buildings vs wood buildings, it is critical that you understand the differences between the two options and the benefits and negatives that come with them. Although both construction materials have their place, metal is superior in various aspects of construction. From the…

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7 Reasons to Choose a DIY Steel Building Kit

diy steel building kits

When planning for that new building your mind might instinctively go to wood or concrete, but there are many reasons why you should choose DIY steel building kits. These buildings are a great choice for everything from residential garages and shops, to commercial warehouses, agricultural metal barns, and more. This type of building is also…

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What are the Options for Metal Building Insulation?

metal building insulation

Metal building insulation can be a crucial addition in some climates, especially for residential buildings like barndominiums. The conductivity of metal along with the chance of condensation forming in humid regions can make insulation a must-have. Thankfully there are a variety of insulation options available for both steel framed buildings or Quonset metal buildings. We’ll…

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Can you Get Financing for Steel Buildings?

financing for steel buildings

Steel buildings are a serious investment so whether it’s a new building or an extension of your existing metal building, the cost is an issue. You may be wondering how you’ll pay for this building and if it’s possible to get financing for steel buildings. We have good news for you! Finance or Pay Out…

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Why the Best Off Grid Buildings are Steel Buildings

steel barndominium

More and more we’re hearing about people looking for the best off-grid buildings. The good news is it’s easier than ever with prefab steel building kits! Living off-grid makes for many their contribution towards helping the environment while also escaping the burden of monthly utilities and being also at the mercy of many service providers.…

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10 Reasons To Buy A Steel Building

large agricultural arena building

Steel buildings have become a common sight in the modern age. However, many people are still not aware of all the benefits that come with this type of construction. That is not surprising, as people still prefer the same old, plain old concrete buildings. Steel buildings are much better though, in the end, no matter…

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Top 18 Construction Safety Equipment & Tips

construction safety equipment

When you’re on any construction site, including building steel buildings, safety should be of paramount concern. It’s important to have everyone properly equipped and understanding the rules and processes to ensure safe working conditions. Here are some safety items to have on hand before starting your building project. Be sure to do your own research…

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