18×20 Metal Building Cost

18x20 metal building garage

We’re going to look at pricing both the steel building and other construction considerations for an 18×20 metal building kit. An 18 x 20 metal building has become the most common size for residential use. The 18-foot width of this building allows you to include both a standard garage door as well as a man…

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What are the Most Common Steel Building Sizes?

straight wall steel building

One of the reasons steel building kits have become popular over the years is because you can customize their sizes. Even though the size of a steel building is completely customizable there are certain common building sizes for certain purposes. These common steel building sizes can help get your imagination going and point you in…

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40×60 Metal Building Cost

40x60 metal building cost

This page shows the breakdown of a 40×60 metal building cost estimate. Forty by Sixty is one of the most common sizes of engineered steel buildings. Whether you’re looking to build a commercial-grade Workshop, warehouse, outbuilding, or even a large steel garage to house your antique car collection, a 40 by 60 foot building should…

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