Bucket Trucks for Building Assembly and Aerial Work

bucket trucks arial lifts

Buildings often require components to be bolted together. While easy with the right equipment, this can be difficult if the building is very high or you don’t have scaffolding. That’s when tools like bucket trucks and aerial lifts come into play. Bucket trucks are widely known and used in the construction industry. This is because…

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What Type of Steel is Used in Steel Buildings?

types of steel used in buildings

Wondering what type of steel is used in steel buildings? Well… Steel buildings can be built using various types of steel. While quite often quonset arch panels and steel cladding on straight wall buildings will be made of GalvalumeTM, there are other options and can be different types of steel for different purposes. We’ll review…

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Building Codes For Steel Buildings

steel building codes

The purpose of building codes is to protect public safety by ensuring that buildings are constructed in a safe and sound manner. Building codes are minimum standards that must be adhered to and thankfully that’s easily accomplished with steel building kits. However, they do provide a reasonable level of safety for occupants and property. It…

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What are the Options for Metal Building Insulation?

metal building insulation

Metal building insulation can be a crucial addition in some climates, especially for residential buildings like barndominiums. The conductivity of metal along with the chance of condensation forming in humid regions can make insulation a must-have. Thankfully there are a variety of insulation options available for both steel framed buildings or Quonset metal buildings. We’ll…

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The Different Types of Metal Buildings

doors for steel buildings

Once you’ve decided on a metal building for your next project, it’s time to choose from the different types of metal buildings available. The type of building chosen is not only an aesthetic choice, but will also affect the cost, function and engineering requirements. While some believe that steel buildings only come in one shape…

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Are Steel Buildings Cheaper than Wood?

are steel buildings cheaper than wood

Our team is constantly inundated with this question of whether steel buildings are cheaper than wooden buildings. It’s a great question, but as with most things is a little more complicated than it might initially seem. While the initial cost of a steel building is generally higher than that of wood due to the cost…

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18×20 Metal Building Cost

18x20 metal building garage

We’re going to look at pricing both the steel building and other construction considerations for an 18×20 metal building kit. An 18 x 20 metal building has become the most common size for residential use. The 18-foot width of this building allows you to include both a standard garage door as well as a man…

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What are the Most Common Steel Building Sizes?

straight wall steel building

One of the reasons steel building kits have become popular over the years is because you can customize their sizes. Even though the size of a steel building is completely customizable there are certain common building sizes for certain purposes. These common steel building sizes can help get your imagination going and point you in…

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40×60 Metal Building Cost

40x60 metal building cost

This page shows the breakdown of a 40×60 metal building cost estimate. Forty by Sixty is one of the most common sizes of engineered steel buildings. Whether you’re looking to build a commercial-grade Workshop, warehouse, outbuilding, or even a large steel garage to house your antique car collection, a 40 by 60 foot building should…

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Top 18 Construction Safety Equipment & Tips

construction safety equipment

When you’re on any construction site, including building steel buildings, safety should be of paramount concern. It’s important to have everyone properly equipped and understanding the rules and processes to ensure safe working conditions. Here are some safety items to have on hand before starting your building project. Be sure to do your own research…

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Steel Building or Wood Building? That is the Question

steel rolls being made

Wood has been a building material of choice for centuries and this wasn’t without reason. But with mining, engineering and manufacturing technology improving – there’s a new king in town, steel buildings. Once you start digging into it, you’ll find steel buildings offer many benefits over their wood counterparts. Some of those advantages include but…

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Metal Building Kit Prices and Things You Should Know

18x20 metal building garage

Metal building kits are an incredible option for your building project. They’ve revolutionized the building industry for uses such as: Garages – Any size you need and added storage if you choose Workshops – Everything from small hobby shops to commercial production Storage Sheds and Warehouse Facilities Industrial uses like Factories Agricultural buildings such as…

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Best Building Materials for Your Garage, Workshop, or Storage Building

best building material

The best building material for your structure is always dependant on build-site factors. If for example you’re located close to sea-water, then a steel building may not be the best choice since the salt in sea-water can corrode it. If it’s in a location with active termite populations, then a wood structure may not last…

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Your Future Building Should be a Steel Building

your future building

There are many different types of building materials. One of the best materials you can use for any structure is steel. Steel buildings have numerous benefits when compared to other structural materials. Here are 11 reasons why your future building should be made out of steel. 1. Better Value When you use steel for your…

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