Finding the Best Steel Building Supplier

commercial steel building Looking for the best steel building supplier for your building project? It sounds like a simple task, but if you’ve done any amount of searching you’ll know there are literally hundreds of suppliers in the USA alone.

Here are some helpful tips to help you find the best provider for your needs:

1. Determine the right type of steel building

Part of the difficulty with finding the right steel building provider is that not all buildings are created equal. On top of that, there are a variety of different base styles of steel buildings as well. So step 1 is finding the right type of building. There are two main types of buildings:

  1. Quonset or Arch Steel Buildings – These buildings are comprised of prefabricated steel panels which are shipped to your site and bolted together. A benefit of this type of building is that it offers simple assembly so it’s a common choice for DIYers. This building got its start with the US Navy, but since then has become a popular choice for a variety of purposes. Common uses include: Garages, Workshops, Barns, Storage Buildings and more.
    quonset hut kit garage
  2. Steel Frame Buildings – A.K.A. Straight wall steel buildings, follow a more traditional style with vertical walls and a peaked or sloped roof. There are a couple different types of straight wall buildings. Those include light-frame and heavier-duty red-iron buildings. Light steel frame buildings are better suited for residential uses like garages and storage while red-iron buildings are typically for large industrial and commercial uses like factories and warehouses. straight wall steel building

2. Get Prices from Multiple Steel Building Suppliers

There’s a reason for the saying “it pays to shop around”. If you’re looking for a steel building then be sure to get prices from multiple suppliers before you make a final decision. This can have its benefits in terms of getting the best price, but also in finding the right building for your needs. It’s likely there are features and options that the initial company does not have.

You could reach out to many buildings individually, but we recommend you request a quote using our easy pricing form here. This one form allows you to get quotes from multiple steel building providers. This helps to ensure you get not only a great price but the right building for your needs too.

3. Ensure the provider offers construction if necessary

Since we’re dealing with a prefabricated steel building supplier, construction is not often included. These buildings are typically intended to be shipped to a site and built by yourself, or a contractor. That said, some steel building suppliers do offer construction services. Ask the representative if this is available, should you need it.