40×60 Metal Building Cost

40x60 metal building costThis page shows the breakdown of a 40×60 metal building cost estimate. Forty by Sixty is one of the most common sizes of engineered steel buildings. Whether you’re looking to build a commercial-grade Workshop, warehouse, outbuilding, or even a large steel garage to house your antique car collection, a 40 by 60 foot building should do the job.

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Types of 40×60 Metal Buildings

The first step you need to take when considering building pricing is to determine which type of metal building you’d like to own. There are three main types of Steel Buildings and they are:


quonset warehouseQuonset metal buildings are often also referred to as Arch style buildings. This type of structure uses pre-cut Arch panels that are bolted together in a semi-circular shape. Prices for Quonset buildings typically start at around $5 per square foot. Because of its durable Arch design, this style of building offers Superior snow and wind loading. They’re both together design so offer is one of the fastest do it yourself construction methods for handy individuals.

Rigid Frame Buildings

Red iron steel buildingsRigid frame 40 by 60 metal buildings use a heavy gauge interior frame. This Frame is usually comprised of what people call I-beams. The interior metal frame is then clad in lighter gauge metal cladding. Because of the work involved in assembling the heavy gauge steel beams, it’s often best to hire a professional for the construction of this type of building. Because of that, this type of building is more typically used for larger-scale structures than smaller residential buildings. That said, a 40 by 60 metal building would be a perfect size. Prices for this style of building typically start at around $7 per square foot. You will find with a rigid frame steel building at its cost per square foot reduces significantly as the size of the building increases.

Light Frame Steel Buildings

This style of steel building is much less durable than the two options mentioned above. Similar to the rigid frame building it uses an internal framing system. That frame is then clad in metal sheeting. Pricing for this type of building is more dependant On the individual building chosen. These buildings are more often sold as complete kits then as customized metal buildings. Their lower levels of durability make them better suited for small residential buildings such as carports or sheds.

Pricing Considerations

Core Structure

Determining a 40 X 60 metal building cost it’s not as simple as you may think. While every metal building may appear similar, each one has been customized for that specific use location and set of local building codes. The bulk of the cost with a 40 X 60 steel building is in the raw steel material itself. There’s a minimum amount of Steel required for any metal building. As you increase the square footage of your building typically you will find the cost per square foot decreasing because less raw steel is required to cover each additional square foot. For example, a 30×40 metal building cost is typically around $9.60/square foot, whereas a 40×60 metal building cost reduces to around $7.50/square foot. If you go up to a large 100×200+ steel building then costs can drop below $7 per square foot.


While metal buildings do pack-up quite compactly, the steel is heavy and shipping costs will be a factor. Often factories will include shipping costs, as they can tag the building onto another load going in the same direction provided you can wait. Be sure to ask if this is an option since otherwise, you’ll be adding an additional 6-8% cost onto your order.


steel building foundationsConcrete slab foundations are the most common foundation type for a 40×60 metal building. Factor in an additional $4-6 per square foot for your foundation to be constructed. When pricing a 40 by 60 building, that means you will need 2,400 square feet of foundation which is about $10k for the foundation to be constructed. There are some less expensive options such as a peripheral wall or pier foundation, depending on the situation.


On top of the cost of a basic structure, you also have the costs of any accessories that are added. Accessories can include items such as:
  • Windows – there will be a variety of styles of Windows available to you when planning your building. The cost will vary and there will also be a significant difference in situations where you want the building to be climate control versus not having HVAC. Windows will likely add 5-8% on to the cost of your building depending on the number and type chosen.
  • Doors – when planning your 40 by 60 building be sure to both man door as well as garage doors. Expect them to add around an additional 5% to your costs if you plan to have a reasonable number of them.
  • Vents – vents are a good idea for your building if you do not plan on insulating it and having a climate-controlled. You will be surprised how much heat can build up in the attic of a metal building just from the sun shining down on it all day.
  • Skylights – skylights are a great way to have more light in your building without increasing your electricity cost. Everyone can appreciate natural lighting. Sometimes skylights can have difficulty sealing and this can cause small drips. Be sure to your building representative about this issue and how they address it.

Construction Costs

There is of course the cost to build your building once it arrives. This is a project you could undertake yourself, particularly if you’re considering an arch steel building. If you’re looking at a rigid frame building then we would normally recommend you hire professionals for safety reasons unless you’re comfortable working with heavy equipment. The rigid steel beams are heavy and can be dangerous for those who do not know how to properly lift and secure them. Professional construction costs for a prefabricated metal building will typically run you $3-5 per square foot.

Estimated 40×60 Metal Building Cost

As you can see above, there are many variations in pricing so these numbers are purely estimates, but hopefully, they help give you an idea of whether or not a 40×60 building is in your budget.
  • Core Steel Building – $15,000-18,000
  • Windows – $750
  • Doors – $1,000-$1,500
  • Delivery – Free to $1,100
  • Concrete Foundation – $8,000 – $10,000
  • Construction – $7,200 – $8,500
  • Total 40 x 60 Building Cost – $24,750 – $39,850
These are of course estimates so if you’re looking to get an official quote for your building, you can do so here.

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